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The Great Weezy Debate, Round 1:

The Great Weezy Debate, Round 1: 
PE I have received the book and sat up far too late devouring it all. It was a fascinating read; there were some points well made, particularly about Wayne's technical ability and prolific output. I am catching up on some of the songs you mentioned too.
However, if you were a fellow emcee, instead of a scholar- I would totally challenge you to a battle right this moment. I do refute your claim that Wayne is worthy of study like Shakespeare, Dylan or even Dr Suess. And I think that you do the rest of Hip Hop a disservice wby fixating on him, seemingly to the exclusion of all other Hip Hop before him. By focussing on how he says what he says and not what; not only do you show a lack of understanding of how emceeing works (every emcee worth his salt employs all of the tricks that Wayne uses, at slightly different ratios and often to better effect) but you also ignore one of the fundemental parts of being an emcee. 
Emceeing isn't all technical abili…

The Great Weezy Debate: Professor Elemental's Introduction

I have taken on a debate with Professor Elemental about the literary merit of Weezy's lyrics. My opening remarks, of course, are the book. 

The Literary Genius of Lil Wayne: The case for Lil Wayne to be counted among Shakespeare and Dylan
Paperback • iBookKindle
After reading the book, Prof. Elemental (http://www.professorelemental.com ) began sharing his thoughts. 

but before we get to The Great Weezy Debate, I give you Prof. E's opening remarks:

"Professor elemental's introduction:
I have been emceeing for bloody ages. When I was a teenager, it was mostly to my cat and / or little sister, in my twenties it was to other emcees and tiny local hip hop audiences. While in my thirties, it has been to an audience broader than I thought possible, in venues all across the world. Along with being an emcee, I am also a card carrying nerd. If I like something I want to know ALL about it- the samples in the track, the politics that inspired a par…